Skinner mini shield
Skinner mini shield
"Zyre Skinner...that..."man"...was evil. Zyre wanted to start a rebellion and overthrow our house, and he would use methods that no other usurper would've used. Thankfully, we ended his rebellion before any major damage could've been done. I shudder at the thought of the Borderlands being ruled by a blood sorcerer."
Trevyr Blackgard[src]
Zyre Skinner - also known as the Lord of the Dead and Zyre the Sorcerer - was the last Skinner who practiced blood magic. Zyre was an extremely dangerous individual who was seen by most as pure evil. The clergy of the Faith of the Seven considered Zyre to be unholy.



Zyre Skinner was the last head of House Skinner who practiced blood magic. Zyre desired to rule the Borderlands with an iron fist and to subdue the Blackgards. Zyre failed after he was killed by the Blackgards. His body was later burned.

Powers and Abilities

Zyre was thought to possess a number of abilities, usually related to his adeptness at blood magic.

  • Necromancy: It was rumored that Zyre dabbled in necromancy, like his ancestors. He could raise the dead by merely whispering a few words.
  • Control others: Zyre could literally bend and control other people's blood. He could make them move in any way he wanted and it was even rumored that he could corrupt the minds of the weak and create legions of brainless servants.
  • Skinchanging: Like the Faceless Men, Zyre could change his face and appearance at will.
  • Divination: Zyre possessed a unique skill which, according to legends, only the Children of the Forest could use, which they called "green-seeing". Zyre would frequently receive visions of the future by "talking" to the Old Gods, using a weirwood tree.
  • Warging: Zyre was also a warg, able to control the minds of lesser creatures, like animals. Zyre was also rumored to control the minds of humans as well.