This article, Willias, is property of Raxu 'Quarlxumee.

Willias is a black brother for the night's watch. He is property of Raxu 'Quarlxumee, do not edit my page. Willias is a character in RP: Season 6.


He has medium height with black hair, a light beard, and pale skin. He had brown eyes.


Willias is quiet and cautious but he can be brave in battle. He is good with  a sword, but better with a bow.


Willias was sent to the wall after he was caught stealing from a gold cloak in King's Landing. He came to the wall when he was young, no more than 18 years old, and has been there ever since. He is 25 now. Willias became a ranger after he was added to the night's watch.

He survived the battle against the wildings and he saw Lord Commander Jon Snow get killed but he didn't take part in it. He was shocked at what he saw and secretly vowed to get revenge on those who murdered the lord commander. He has lost faith in the Night's Watch after seeing Ser Alliser Thorne and others betray Jon Snow.

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