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"Once a year, the lords of House Dragen would invoke the Wild Hunt; a savage and vicious competition of wits and brutality where the participants would come together to hunt the greatest and most intelligent of all prey; man."
Jon Snow on the Wild Hunt

The Wild Hunt, sometimes called the Great Hunt or the Bloodhunt was a hunt and competition held annually by House Dragen in the days of the Age of Heroes. During which, the cannibalistic lords of House Dragen would invoke the Wild Hunt, where all participants would come together to hunt and cannibalize humans. Following House Stark's unification of the North, this event was outlawed, although it later became reinstated during Lucius Dragen's reign.

The overseer of the Wild Hunt is the Lord of the Hunt. Traditionally, the title of "Lord of the Hunt" would be given to the victor of the last Wild Hunt. However, in Lucius' case, he appointed himself to the title, mainly because of the fact that the last Lord of the Hunt died centuries before Lucius was born.

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