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Warron Dragen is the son of Lord Lucius Dragen and the heir to Helgen.


Warron was born a year after his cousin Merei. His mother Larinna was desperate to keep Warron away from Lucius at first, but decided against it when Lucius saw him for the first time, and vowed never to harm him, or Larinna again. A few years later his sister Melina was born.

Season 6

Warron is still being raised at Helgen and is present at the funeral of his uncle Ethan Snow. He spends more time with his cousin Merei. He becomes increasingly frightened when his aunt is imprisoned, believing Merei has gone missing, despite her being kept hidden at Deepwood Motte. He spends most of his time with his mother and sister until Lucius Dragen was finally killed by the revived Ethan Snow.

Despite Ethan becoming the new lord of Helgen, it is still decided that Warron will become the head of House Dragen when he came of age. Ethan has ordered that Warron be kept under strict guard at all times.

Warron and Melina remain together at Helgen as their mother Larinna was recently married to Lord Aden Falker.

Season 7

Warron reaches his second name day, and his mother Larinna sends him a pet raven from Falcon's Nest.


He has short dark hair and green eyes.

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