"The legendary Azor Ahai had a brother, Vyrio. Unlike Azor, Vyrio was a cruel, evil man who chose the Great Other over the Lord of Light. He was later killed in battle by Azor himself. But the Great Other knows many powers, even those of reincarnation..."
―Thoros of Myr

King Vyrio Ahai, commonly referred to as the Great Red Dragon (not to be confused with the Red Dragon), is a legendary figure in the faith of R'hllor. Vyrio was Azor Ahai's brother and rival who was later killed by him. Vyrio was considered to be one of history's worst humans. He was cruel, evil and could feel no emotion. Some believe that, like Azor's tale, Vyrio will be reborn as the Red Dragon. He is the alleged maternal ancestor of Lucius Dragen, and was revered as the Messiah by the fanatical cult known as the Shepherds of Fire.


Vyrio Ahai was a warrior who married his childhood lover, Inerosha, whom he dreamed to have children with someday. However, Vyrio was forced to battle the Qohoriks, and left his wife behind, who eagerly awaited his return. Vyrio defeated his enemies, but the Qohoriks secretly sent a message of false information of Vyrio's death back to his castle which caused Inerosha to commit suicide by jumping out of the castle window and into the river below. Vyrio returned to the castle only to find Inerosha's mangled body on the temple floors of R'hllor's chapel. The Red Priests told him that Inerosha's soul was damned because she took her own life, instead of awaiting her natural death. Vyrio, angered, began desecrating the temple, renounced R'hllor, and declared that Inerosha would be reborn. He murdered all of the Red Priests and drank their blood for vengeance which resulted in his own blood becoming foul and tainted.

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