I am thinking of making a Fanfic about the R + L = J theory. I already read some of the fanfic's that are about this and kinda have a good idea of how to do it while also keeping mine a bit original. It will go a similar way as how A Song Of Fire And Ice goes but it will have some differences. I'd just like to know if anyone would be interested in being my proofreader(s) (I think that's what you call people who read stuff before it's actually posted or published), I also want to know if having Jon not go to the wall after Ned tell's him the truth about his mother (Which I will have in the first chapter) will be interesting to go with or if that isn't very original.

Also I am going home today since I am currently visiting my mother. The thing about this is me, my dad, and my sister just moved this week so our new house probably won't have WiFi for a week or so. But this may be good for my fanfiction since I'll be able to make longer chapters then I normally do.

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