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Political Information:
Alias: Willow
Rank: Courtesan
Social Class: Lower class
Allegiance: Molandar Xhoraq
Biological Information:
Born: 285 AC, at Lorath
Gender: Female
Culture: Lysene
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 108.7 lbs
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Blonde

Tyala is a prostitute in the service of Molandar Xhoraq in Lys. She is a major point of view character in the story, The Shadow of Valyria.

Appearance and Character

Tyala is pale-skinned with blonde hair and green eyes. She is skinny and has a pretty face. Her looks are the primary reason she is actively works as a prostitute. Tyala is usually quiet and unassuming but around people she likes, she is more talkative and rather sarcastic.


Tyala was originally born in Lorath. Her father was a traveling textile merchant who owned a small trading ship which visited the other Free Cities and ports in Essos. Tyala's father would often bring her with him on trips, as he was concerned for her safety. During a trip to Lys in 295 AC, Tyala's father was poisoned and his ship stolen after a disagreement with a fellow trader, and Tyala was stranded in the Free City. There, she became a prostitute in order to survive. At the start of The Shadow of Valyria, she was still living in Lys and was working as a courtesan for several wealthy clients, including the powerful nobleman, Molandar Xhoraq.


Tyala mentioned her merchant father on a few occasions, but nothing else is known about her family.

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