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The Shadow of Valyria is a story by Cilfyc. It takes place starting around the beginning of The Winds of Winter and adheres strictly to book canon in the ASOIAF universe. It tells the tale of several characters who set out to the ruins of Valyria to find lost and ancient treasure.

I don't plan on starting this until The Winds of Winter is released (hopefully that comes in 2019), though I may write the first couple chapters before then if I have some free time. I have everything up to "Tristan III" pretty clearly mapped out in my head; everything beyond that is only roughly plotted out. The below POV chapter count and index is about halfway done, though the number of POVs is pretty much set. I think "Gordono III", which is the last chapter in the index below, marks a little less than halfway through the story.

POV Characters

Other major characters


Index of chapters.

  1. Fyn I
  2. Tyala I
  3. Tristan I
  4. Fyn II
  5. Tristan II
  6. Tyala II
  7. The Serpent of the Sea
  8. Gordono I
  9. Fyn III
  10. Harwick I
  11. Tristan III
  12. Fyn IV
  13. Tyala III
  14. The Servant of the Flames
  15. Gordono II
  16. Fyn V
  17. Tyala IV
  18. The Red Priestess
  19. Harwick II
  20. Fyn VI
  21. The Windrider
  22. Gordono III


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