"The North Remembers" is a song that has come into popularity within the Seven Kingdoms in the aftermath of the Red Wedding. It is unknown who it was written by, but it has become very popular especially in the North and Riverlands (lands populated by those who are and/or were loyal to Robb Stark.) It is about Robb's death during the Red Wedding, and how the North "remembers" and will avenge him.

It is a very simple song and only has a few lyrics, and the phrase "the North remembers" is not actually uttered in the song, but has been described by all who have heard it as being "very powerful". The term "Winter's Son" is interpreted as meaning Robb Stark; Robb Stark was originally from Winterfell and was raised there, making him a "son of Winterfell". This can be shortened to mean "son of winter", or simply "winter's son".

The lyrics are as follows:

By the waters, the waters of Riverrun
We lay down and wept, and wept, for Winter's son
We remember thee, remember thee, remember Winter's son

The lyrics are often repeated with an instrumental break inbetween.

The song has since become the official anthem for Grayburn's Legion.

In the show


  • The song is based on the real-life song "Babylon" by American singer-songwriter Don McLean.

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