The Gideon Grayburn Duology
The Gideon Grayburn Duology
Written by King Deadpool the Awesome
Volumes The Gray Pilgrim
Winter's War
Language(s) English
Country United States
Release date TBA
Number of volumes 2
Protagonist(s) Gideon Grayburn
Antagonist(s) Jaregg Blooddrinker (The Gray Pilgrim)
The Four Horsemen (Winter's War)
Genre Epic fantasy, dark fantasy
Rating 18+

The Gideon Grayburn Duology (Officially styalized as Game of Thrones: The Gideon Grayburn Duology) are a pair of short stories set in the Game of Thrones series written by American fanfiction writer King Deadpool the Awesome (real name, Ben Anderson.) It is a prequel duology set during the Dance of the Dragons civil war. It consists of two stories, The Gray Pilgrim and Winter's War.

The two stories follow Gideon Grayburn, an ancestor of House Grayburn and a sworn brother of the Night's Watch (who later becomes known as "The Gray Pilgrim", hence the name of the first story.) Both stories - Winter's War, in particular - have strong connections to Seasons Five and Six of Game of Thrones, as well as the upcoming sixth novel in A Song of Ice and Fire, The Winds of Winter.

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