"Now here's a personal favourite of mine: Sunshine milk. There is only one person in the Seven Kingdoms who knows the recipe for this delightful potion. Once drank, the victim will experience vivid hallucinations and total relaxation. The potion will not kill a man, nor will it hurt him. It will simply relax his muscles and make one not feel any pain. But when it is used in the wrong hands, however, frightful objectives can be accomplished... "
Oberyn Martell
Sunshine milk is a type of hallucinative and controlling substance created by Lucius Dragen. This non-lethal poison is mainly used by Lucius to drug and kidnap his victims to cannibalize them later. Small doses can reduce irritability or excitement. At higher doses it may result in slurred speech, staggering gait, poor judgement, and slow, uncertain reflexes. Furthermore, the substance can cause vivid and realistic hallucinations, they could be either relaxing and ecstatic, or stressful and frightening. Sunshine milk is a white liquid, and could easily be mistaken for simple cow milk or for milk of the poppy. It is also rumoured, but not confirmed, that Sunshine milk is addictive.

At longer exposure to the drug, a victim may be prone to a phenomenon Lucius dubs "indoctrination", resulting in the victim literally becoming a slave of the one who has poisoned them. In Lucius' case, anyone who has drunk the potion will grow a certain affection towards Lucius; they will follow his every command, and will view him with superstitious awe. Lucius himself claims that the indoctrination is "merely" a side effect that Lucius did not anticipate when he created the drug.

The use of Sunshine milk is shown for the first time when Lucius drugs Barden Frey in his own keep. As a result, Barden becomes manic and completely relaxed but also notes that he is in a state where he is "enchanted and terrified". Lucius also allegedly used sunshine milk on the Kogathi pirate Vyran.

For a brief time, Lucius had been exposed to sunshine milk after Lanna Ashford drugged him with it, believing it be milk of the poppy, and then proceeded to rape him. This caused Lucius to be prone to long-term hallucinations, even after the potion was worn out. After this, Lucius killed Lanna, but also became more mentally unstable, causing him to leave Westeros after being convinced that his own mind was out to destroy him.

As of recently, Lucius Dragen has managed to create a second version of the drug, which comes in a solid, powdery form. Lucius frequently uses this form of the Milk to quickly subdue and control victims more decisively, although in this form, the drug will have worn out quicker.


  • Sunshine milk is partially based on Scopolamine, a terrifying hard drug that shares many of Sunshine milk's effects.