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Sevarius is a recurring character in the third and sixth seasons. He is the Archsepton of the Riverlands. He was a long time advisor and friend to Lord Hoster Tully, and has known Catelyn Stark since she was a little girl. He is severely injured by Roman Mercer as part of Roman's war against the High Sparrow and the Faith Militant, despite the fact that he didn't care for the High Sparrow or the Faith Militant.


Sevarius has worked in Riverrun and been in service to House Tully for nearly his entire life. He considers Hoster Tully one of his closest friends and has known his children, Catelyn, Lysa, and Edmure, since they were all very young.

Season 3

Sevarius is seen officiating Lord Hoster's funeral and later consoles Catelyn afterwards. He begins travelling with Robb and his army afterwards, acting as Robb's spiritual advisor.

Later, when Rickard Karstark murders Willem and Martyn Lannister, Sevarius is one of those who advises Robb to not kill Lord Karstark. Robb insults Sevarius, saying to him, "What does a holy man know of war"? When Robb does anyway, Sevarius watches with a solemn look on his face. Though later, Robb admits he was wrong, and apologizes to Sevarius for insulting him.

Sevarius is one of the advisors who meets with Walder Rivers and Lothar Frey, and helps Edmure Tully realize that it is in his best interest to marry Roslin Frey.

When Robb's army reaches the Twins, Sevarius officiates the wedding between Edmure and Roslin, and politely leaves when the ceremony is done.

When the Red Wedding massacre occurs, Sevarius' status is unknown, until the next day after the massacre is over, when it is revealed that Edmure Tully has been imprisoned, Walder mentions that both Brynden Tully and Sevarius escaped.

Season 6

Sevarius has resumed his duty as Archsepton of the Riverlands, now advising Ser Brynden "The Blackfish" Tully during his campaign to hold Riverrun against House Frey.

Sevarius is severely wounded when his Sept is overrun by the new Blackwatch formed by the disgraced former knight Roman Mercer, who, after volunteering his services to Walder Frey, takes part in the siege of Riverrun and, at the Sept, rapes a young Septa named Jarine in front of Sevarius, then brutally attacks Sevarius in an attempt to send a message to the High Sparrow, despite the fact that Sevarius did not care for the High Sparrow. After that, Roman and his men burn down Sevarius' Sept. Sevarius is at first thought to have been killed, but it is later revealed he survived, albeit barely.



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