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Roselin Tully is the famous granddaughter of former Lord Edmure Tully of the Riverlands and famous Lady Asha Greyjoy of the Iron Islands. Named after Edmure's wife Roslin, Roselin is well known for her beauty and dark red hair.
Roselin Tully


daughter of Lord Damien of Riverrun restored




322 AL




the Starks


Tully and Greyjoy


Roslin Frey and Edmure Tully (Fraternal grandparents) Asha Greyjoy (Maternal grandmother) Lady Lanis Greyjoy (mother) Lord Damien Tully (father) Remus Tully (twin brother)

Based on

Emma Stone, Mulan


15 years


Roselin, as a child, was bright and vivacious. She would venture into the world accompanied by sworn swords and climb trees that no other could (possibly). Roselin and her twin brother would often play-fight using wooden swords but sometimes the play-fighting would turn into real fighting. And often Remus would be on the receiving end of danger. However Roselin often apologised afterwards by baking him sweet bread.

In her early stages of life, Roselin's mother and father would often take their twin children to many feasts at other noble's castles and both were taught how to fight and cook. Roselin would occassionally pick on her younger brother and tease him by calling him "shorty" (even though he ended up being taller than her). Roselin still keeps many of these attitudes to present and is often seen with her battle axe and armour.

Although she often wears masculine clothes, she will also wear gowns and circlets a lot, like a "proper" lady should.

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