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Ser Romny Orben is an unseen character in Game of Thrones. He was a knight from House Orben and the father of Alan Orben.


Romny was the son of Ser Arneld Orben, and the nephew of Ser Pharus Orben, the head of House Orben during Robert's Rebellion. He was married to Shannyn Roxton, and had one son by her, Alan.

Along with Ser Pharus, his brother Ser Tarman and other men from House Orben, they fought for House Tarly against Robert Baratheon. After the deaths of Ser Pharus and Tarman, Romny became the new head of House Orben until he was killed by men from House Durwell. His wife died when their son Alan was five years old. Alan would later become the new head of House Orben when he was knighted.

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