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"I said I would bow to the One True King. That is you, my grace. Not your whore of a mother."
―Robin to King Tommen

History == Born in the highest point of the Reach, shortly after Mace Tyrell had her mother slaughtered.  She was raised as a slave in his castle until she realized he was her father and she left. She left for King's Landing shortly after. Once in King's Landing, she realized war and broken out and she couldn't survive on her own. Her first kill was a man who tried to rape her.  She buried her knife so far in to his eye ball she pulled his eye out with her knife.  She spent 5 years or so in King's Landing, until the war ended.  2 years later, she went into to court to plead for lower taxes. She was immediately denied and laughed out of court. She vowed revenge and began her homicidal rage.


Instead of the peacefullness of her half siblings, Robin is ruthless. And after Cersei scorned, she swears revenge by the Old Gods. As a child, while other children of the Reach were playing with toys, Robin was training. She tries to be peaceable at first, but when Cersei laughed her out of court,  she began a killing spree that ended where it began. In court, but this time, Cersei was the one doing the pleading.  After Cersei renounces the throne, Tommen stoo to his mother's defence, but to everyone's surprise Robin bowed before him. 

She explained that she would bow before the One True King and that was him, not Cersei. 
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