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Archsepton Redmond is a recurring character in the first, second, fifth, and sixth seasons. He is the Archsepton of the North, and is a close advisor of House Stark, despite the fact that House Stark keeps the Old Gods of the Forest.

Redmond considers himself a servant of both the Old Gods and the Faith of the Seven, one of the few people (if not the only) to do so. After Winterfell was sacked by the Boltons, Redmond survived and was ultimately taken prisoner at the Dreadfort. When the Boltons reclaimed Winterfell, Redmond was reinstated as Archsepton and was forced to serve the Boltons, actually officiating Ramsay Bolton's marriage to Sansa Stark.

Due to his diminutive stature, Redmond is often mockingly referred to as "The Other Imp" (a reference to Tyrion Lannister) despite the fact that was not actually born with dwarfism, and was just very short.

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