"As a man, i'm a king, but as a Stark i'm kinda shit"
―Osric explaining his nickname
Osric's mother Catelyn Tully, grew pregnant with him following the marriage to his father Eddard Stark, after his father returned from war he enjoyed a normal childhood, he often played with his younger brothers Robb, and Jon as well as his father's ward/prisoner Theon Greyjoy, but often played with his own friends as well Asher Forrester, and Dacey Mormont, as he grew he began to show very unstark like behavior, such as skipping his lessons to train, sail, or to visit the brothel, eventually he was betrothed to Margaery Tyrell but on the day of the wedding he vanished minutes before he was to say his vows, 2 weeks past before his parents received word from him he had taken his ship, her crew, his sellsword

swornshield beskha, and any of his guard men that would follow unto the narrow seas, Ned informed him that if he continued to disgrace his family by dishonoring the betrothal he would be banished, Osric  took his crew on a self imposed exile across the narrow sea and was disinherited,

joining the company of the rose and reuniting with his blood brother Asher Forrester, after sometime Osric and crew sailed to the pirate heaven of Bloodstone in the Stepstones Islands, using his skill, wealth, and connections to his former company, he stole control of blood stone and three years later conquered the island and declared himself The Pirate King Of The Stepstones And Narrow Sea, changing his house banner and words, he reigns through a combination of fear respect and skill, after finding out he had a daughter he sailed to the westerlands to retrieve her, once he brought her back to the islands he legitimatized her, and made her his heir

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