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Mynara's crew is a group of pirates who engage in slaving, smuggling, trading, and pirating operations under the command of Mynara Maharys. They are well-disciplined and ferocious, earning their group a sinister repute. They lair themselves in the Stepstones, and have carved out a small pirate kingdom for themselves as a result. While not the biggest or most renowned group of pirates in the Stepstones, Mynara's crew is an efficient and dedicated group of pirates who work under the orders of their pirate queen with great loyalty.

Mynara's crew is featured prominently in The Shadow of Valyria. As of the start of that story, she commanded ten warships, though only four are given names within the story.

Known crew members in Mynara's fleet

Twilight Calling

The Twilight Calling is Mynara's flagship.

  • Mynara Maharys, captain of the Twilight Calling and the self-proclaimed Queen of the Stepstones

Screaming Leviathan

Lady Kiera


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