Tymber mini shield
"Myke Tymber: Keller's people chisle my territory and we do nothing about it. Pretty soon there won't be anyplace in the Wasteland that I can hang my hat.
Trevyr Blackgard: Try and be patient.
Myke Tymber: I'm not asking for help, Trevyr, just take off the chains.
Trevyr Blackgard: Be patient.
Asten Wylde: We have to protect ourselves. At least give me the chance to recruit some new men.
Trevyr Blackgard: No. I don't want to give Keller any excuse to start fighting."
―Trevyr and his accomplices, discussing Auster Keller.
Ser Myke Tymber is a character appearing in the short story The Prowler. He is the father of Ser Brant Tymber and a loyal servant of House Blackgard.