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Martyn is a member of the Night's Watch. He witnessed Lord Commander Jon Snow's death at the end of season 5, but was shocked and horrified at what he saw. That caused him to be arrested by Ser Alliser Thorne and put in an ice cell. He is Honor Guard's main character in RP: Season 6 and is set to appear in every episode of that story.

Appearance and characteristics

Martyn is 21 years old. He has blond hair and green eyes and a light blond beard. He tends to wear the blacks of the Night's Watch. He is good with a sword and carries a longsword. Plus he has two daggers. One is on his belt and another is in his boot. These daggers are made of obsidian.

Martyn is talkative and friendly with most of the other members of the Night's Watch. He supported Lord Commander Jon Snow during the Lord Commander election and afterwards, even when other members of the Night's Watch became angry at Jon for letting the Wildlings below the wall. Martyn is a bit naive and also likes to speak his mind. He doesn't realize that doing so gets him branded as a traitor like Jon.


Main series

Martyn was sent to the wall when he was 16 for stealing and accidentally killing a stallion owned by a noble house in the Westerlands. He joined the rangers after coming to the wall and became a good swordsman. He learned how to go ranging with others, including Benjen Stark and went on 6 separate ranging. He has never seen the White Walkers, but he has seen evidence of them with dead Wildlings and tales told by captured wildlings.

Martyn was a member of the great ranging that Lord Commander Jeor Mormont took the Night's Watch on in season 2. He survived the encounter with the wights and White Walkers, and the mutiny at Craster's Keep, and returned to the wall. He later fought the wildlings in season 4 when they assaulted the wall. He took an arrow to the knee during that battle, but survived it. He remained at the wall, training and performing his duties throughout season 5. He was not a part of the plot to kill Lord Commander Jon Snow, but he did witness the murder.

RP: Season 6

Martyn saw Lord Commander Jon Snow get killed, which was the last scene of season 5. He was horrified and questioned why other members of the Night's Watch would do that. This angered Ser Alliser Thorne, who arrested Martyn and took him to an ice cell where he was left to die. However, other members of the Night's Watch who were loyal to Jon Snow, such as Satin and Willias, saw Martyn get arrested and tried to set him free.

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