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Martris Drayke was a Wizard ancestor of House Drayke.



He was born in Old Valyria over a 1000 years ago, and under a moonless night. He lost his father and his mother that night, they died so he could live.


Martris has an undeniable talent for thinking things through well in advance, making decisive and accurate decisions quickly in any given situation.


Martris is a man of average height, toned bodied, dark-skinned with attractive features. He has black hair with grey streaks and deep grey eyes that look silver in moonlight.


Martris is an extremely powerful Wizard. He is able to communicate with others through his thoughts, transmitting speech into a person's mind, allowing him to communicate with others without being overheard by anyone. He is an expert at using the strength of his thoughts to manipulate objects and peoples from a distance. He is able to effortlessly throw multiple full-grown adults through the air or pin them against walls and holding them in place. He can control the natural healing process, speeding up aspects of healing to the point of regeneration, or blocking the natural healing process causing injures and illness to increase in severity leading to death. He can conjure and control fire. He is able to conjure a continuously expanding ball of fire that he controls with his thoughts, which travels very quickly and would usually engulf its victim within the space of a breath.