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House Tarly

Marna Tarly is an unseen character in Game of Thrones. She is a member of House Tarly and the niece of Lord Randyll Tarly. She is the only daughter of Lord Tarly's brother Ser Darron Tarly and his wife Clarysse Hightower.

Following the War of the Five Kings, Marna was wed to the recently knighted Alan Orben, who was previously fostered at Horn Hill.


Early Life

Marna was born in 285 AL and raised at Horn Hill. She was a good friend of her cousin Samwell, and was saddened greatly when he left to join the Night's Watch.

She was very skeptical when she found out she was being betrothed to Alan Orben, and would marry him when he was knighted.

In 303 AL Alan was finally knighted and married Marna quickly. Over the next year she became a mother to Randyll Orben, named after her uncle.

Season 6

Marna sends word to her father Ser Darron, announcing the birth of her and Alan's second son, Lorent.

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