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Bolton mini shield

Lyrion Bolton, also known as Lousy Lyrion, is a minor character in the sixth, seventh and eighth seasons of Game of Thrones. He was the second born son of Lord Domeron Bolton, the brother of Lord Ramsond Bolton, and the uncle of Roose, Randar and Talana Bolton. For over ten years he has been in the service of Euron Greyjoy, having had his tongue removed and joining his crew aboard the Silence.


Lyrion was the second born son of Lord Domeron Bolton and Lady Lehna Mazin, and the younger brother of Ramsond Bolton. Lyrion was often pampered by his mother growing up in the Dreadfort, which both Domeron and Ramsond believe resulted in his weak behaviour. Unlike his brother, Roose, Randar and Talana were treated well by Lyrion, though both Roose and Randar admit they cared little for their uncle. During his life in the North, he fathered at least one daughter, a bastard named Melna Snow. Before Robert's rebellion, Lyrion was accused of Killing Lord Temmon Berrow, causing Lord Rickard Stark to banish him from the North to avoid any future conflicts between the Bolton's and Berrow's.

Lyrion fought for his nephew Roose Bolton, now lord of the Dreadfort during Robert Baratheon's rebellion. At the battle of the Trident, he disappeared from the battle. A year later, no trace of him was found. Roose Bolton believed he wasn't dead however, and accused him of fleeing the battle and leaving Westeros. He became known as Lousy Lyrion by Lord Bolton, as well as Great Jon Umber.

Secretly, Lyrion had fled to Essos for a number of years before joining the crew of Euron Greyjoy, having his tongue removed in the process.

Season 6

Lyrion accompanies Euron to the Iron Islands, witnessing the Kingsmoot. Lyrion decided to stow himself away in one of the ships when Yara and Theon fled the Iron Islands to join Daenerys Targaryen. Lyrion can later be seen aboard on of the Greyjoy ships as Daenerys sets sail for Westeros.

Season 7

Lyrion arrives on Dragonstone with Daenerys, Yara and Theon. Lyrion comes to hear of Roose Bolton's death, and Jon Snow's defeat of Ramsay Bolton. Lyrion begins making plans to head north once reaching King's Landing, but they are put on hold when Euron and his new fleet ambush Yara's fleet. Lyrion

Season 8

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