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"They're a strange couple. And yet they seem to have lasted longer than I thought. It's....very strange."
―Maester Vahaelor
Lucius Dragen and Larinna Harrigon are the Lord and Lady of Snake Mount, and the parents to Snake Mount's future lord, Warron Dragen, and their second child, a daughter named Melina.


Sometime after Lucius Dragen became the new lord of Snake Mount, he began honoring his new alliance with House Harrigon, a smithing house from the Stormlands. Lord Jothos Harrigon married his true-born daughter Larinna to Lucius.

A few weeks after the marriage, Lucius began violently tormenting Larinna, but was subdued by his wife almost every time, and lost his left eye during one of his drunken outbursts. When Larinna's brother Ser Rickard heard about these attacks, he began marching North towards Snake Mount with his army, intending to kill Lucius. Having married Lord Jothos' bastard daughter Arrena, Ser Ethan Snow was able to smuggle Larinna out of Snake Mount and send her south with a small cavalry, and they met the Harrigon forces in the Riverlands. Larinna was able to convince her father to head back to Smithestone without her, telling him that she could control Lucius. She kept to her promise, and the Harrison forces returned to Smithestone. However, Ser Rickard let it be known he would march again at the latest mishap. Secretly, Lucius planned to turn this to his favour as leverage, knowing Rickard would stop at nothing to keep his sister safe.

Larinna, who was bisexual, would at times have an affair with one of Snake Mount's female servants just to alleviate the stress of her marriage to Lucius. Even though Lucius discovered the affair and was infuriated by it, he was unable to stop it because of how well Larinna could defend herself. This prompted Lucius to stop tormenting her solely so she would come back into his bed.

Over the next few years Lucius and Larinna followed through, and had two children together, their son and heir, Warron, and a daughter named Melina.