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Lorrand Bellsey is a bastard son of King Robert Baratheon. He is a member of the Base Sons. His personal sigil is a golden stag head and antlers on two golden bells.


Lorrand was conceived sometime during the Battle of the Bells when Robert Baratheon slept with almost every women in a brothel at the Stoney Sept. Most of the women in the brothel happened to be impregnated. When it was his mother's turn to drink Tansy and terminate her pregnancy, she ran away from the brothel and was able to return to her fathers inn.

When Lorrand was born, his mother gave him the last name Bellsey, to honor King Robert's victory at the Battle of the Bells. By the time Lorrand learned who his father was, King Robert had died, and he soon learned that most of his bastards in King's Landing had been slaughtered on the orders of King Joffrey.

He spent months in the Riverlands on his own, until he came across Joshua Stone, leader of the Base Sons, and they became good friends, as Joshua was Lord Jon Arryn's son.

He created his own sigil during the War of the Five Kings, the golden head and antlers of a stag on a two large golden bells, as a sign that he was conceived during the time of the Battle of the Bells by King Robert Baratheon. Lorrand would eventually fall in love with and marry Noella Rivers, another bastard from the Stormlands. His wife is currently pregnant.

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