"There are many members within the Dreamwalkers who wish to become the new leader of their beloved sect. All candidates for this position need to fully emerge themselves in the lava flowing from Red Mountain. The chance of surviving this task is next to nothing. Strangely enough, some do survive, and they will become the new Lok-Sonaak."
Trevyr Blackgard, explaining the ritual of the Lok-Sonaak.[src]
Lok-Sonaak (LOKSONAaK), which in the Common Tongue translates to "High Priest" is the title held by the leader of the Hahnuiel, priests of the bordermen sub-religion based on the Old Gods of the Forest. It is a position of supreme authority within the sect, and the holder of the title also possesses great influence over the clan-based bordermen.

The Lok-Sonaak is chosen when he, or she, is "baptised" in the lava from the Red Mountain. However, the chance of surviving said ritual is nigh-impossible. If, however, one is to survive this dangerous ritual, they will be elected as the High Priest.