Lilith Sevenya, of the Shadow Lands, is an OC for Game of Thrones. 

Lilith hails from the Shadow Lands, weilding nought but a sword and her cunning wit. Her half sister Tiresia and her were raised as warriors, learned tirelessly in the art of combat.  Her and her sister are sellswords, bought into service by  House Greyjoy. 



Lilith Sevenya, sellsword of the Shadow Lands




The Shadow Lands

Lilith first appears in the Iron Islands, with her sister.  Her first lines was adressing Balon Greyjoy as her new master. She explains that while she didn't belong to a house in the Shadow Lands, her mother used to tell her "Hassia Nikiya" Shadow tongue, meaning "The Shadow will kill you."   


Lilith is a cuthroat woman who will do anything to receive payment.  She has been known to slice open nobles and  is behind some of the murders at the Red Wedding.   She often recounts with glee how she had the joy of hearing Robb Stark's last breath.  She is sadistic and is joyful at her enemie's demise.


Recent events

Her first fight was  when she went to Winterfell and slaughtered the whitewalkers.   After which, she and Tiresia were sent out to rescue  Theon. While on this journey, the abandoned it at the Twins, because Walder Frey promised them recompense for participating in the massacre of the Red Wedding.   After the massacre,  she reveals to Tiresia that she wishes to her Queen Cersei's last breath as well.  They make the long journey to Kings Landing  After making her plea to Joffrey, He asks what kind of steel could pierce a kight's armour.  She explains how she and her sister came to possess Valyrian steel and it's abilities.  She also explains how they brought him the gift of Valyrian steel and presented him with steel they had made before making the journey across the sea.  He bought their services and Cersei questioned him on, stating that they are of the Shadow Lands, and the Shadow Lands produce mysterious, sometimes nefarious people. A few weeks later, Cersei called her to her room and no one is really sure what the reason was, but after that, Cersei called her in every night. Rumours spread like weeds, but the Queen Regent and her new favourite denied these claims.  

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