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Ser Lannord Storm is a knight from the Stormlands and a bastard son of Lord Jothos Harrigon.



Lannord is one of the many bastard children of Lord Jothos Harrigon, and was raised in Smithestone. In his youth he helped teach his half-brother Rickard Harrigon to be a blacksmith, and acted as Rickard's older brother. Lannord left Smithestone to squire for an unknown knight around the same time Rickard did, and was already a knight by the time Rickard returned home.

Lannord travelled to Blackgard on his fathers behalf to bring Ser Ardrew Ashes, Lord Trevyr Blackgard's bastard son, back to Smithestone. Ser Ardrew later became Smithestone's new Master-at-arms, something Lannord was secretly angered by.

Lannord continued as a Blacksmith at Smithestone, and continued being close friends with Rickard. Lannord was deeply saddened when his father Jorthos was assassinated. He was ordered by Rickard to make sure his wife and children remained safe. He looked after and guarded his nephew Marton while his father tracked down Jorthos' killers.

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