"The Smithes reigned as Kings of Steel and Silver for thousands of years...and then they fell."
Brienne of Tarth
King of silver

Marthew Smithe, the last King of Steel and Silver of House Smithe before the Harrigon's overthrew them.

The King of Steel and Silver ruled the Smithlands, then a sovereign state known as the Kingdom of the Forges, prior to the Targaryen conquest of Westeros. The title was traditionally held by the head of House Smithe. The last King of Steel and Silver was Marthew VII Smithe, who was murdered at the hands of his vassals; House Harrigon after the Massacre at Hornworth.

When the Harrigon's gained kingship of the Smithlands, they were also known as King of the Forges. Although the Harrigon's held much power, the lost most of their kingdom to King Argilac Durrandon before Aegon Targaryen arrived.

Following Aegon's Conquest of Westeros, the Smithlands became part of the Stormlands, and the title was changed to Lord Defender of Steel and Silver. To honor the Smithlands and their previous rule, the head of House Harrigon is also named Warden of the Smithlands as an honorary title.

Kings of Steel and Silver

  • King Marthew VII Smith, last of House Smithe's line to be King of Steel and Silver
  • King Orromus Harrigon, first Harrigon King of Steel and Silver
  • King Kennon Harrigon, last king of Steel and Silver. Bent the knee to Aegon the Conqueror. Known as the "King who Forged.".