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King Kennon Harrigon I in an unseen character in Game of Thrones, having been dead centuries before the beginning of the series. He was King of the Forges and the head of House Harrigon during the reign of King Morran Durrandon, and after losing a war to him, Kennon bent the knee. He became the first Lord of Smithestone and Warden of the Smithlands, and was known henceforth as the "King who Forges".


King Kennon was known as one of the strongest Steel and Silver kings, having held off attacks from King Morran Durrandon for many years. However, the ageing Kennon declared one final battle between him and Morran, resulting in their defeat. Kennon bent the knee, and it was accepted. The Smithe Gate opened and the greatest Harrison weapons, including much Valyrian Steel, was plundered from it.

The Smithlands were added to the Stormlands and Morran's kingdom, and Kennon became the first Lord of Smithestone and gained the title of Lord Defender of Steel and Silver.

For the rest of his life Kennon was known as the "King who Forged", losing his title of King and become the lord Blacksmith his descendants would be left as.

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