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Ser Joshua Stone is a knight from the Vale and a bastard son of Lord Jon Arryn. He is a prominent member of the Base Sons.


Joshua was born years before Robert's rebellion, during Jon Arryn early years as lord of the Vale. He is Jon Arryn's son by Arria Waxley, a noble woman, despite many believing he is the son of a servant girl. When he became a knight, he made his own sigil, a white falcon flying through a black moon crescent.

He lived in King's Landing during Lord Arryn's years as Hand of the King, and was at his funeral in 299 AC.

Season 2

During the beginning of King Joffrey's reign, he witnessed two of King Robert's bastards being killed.

He left King's Landing and promptly founded the Base Sons, determined to protect the lives of all bastards.

He made an alliance between the Base Sons and the Brotherhood without Banners, meeting Beric Dondarrion and Thoros of Myr.

Sometime after the death of Robb Stark, he traveled with a small group of his men to the Eyrie, to meet with Lysa Arryn and Robert. While inside the castle he attempted to gain the temporary support of the Vale, but was shunned and forced to leave.

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