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Jenelyn Blackgard, nee Harrigon, is the eldest daughter of Lord Rickard Harrigon and Lady Lorra Wendwater. She is married to Lucan Blackgard, the thirdborn son of Lord Trevyr Blackgard.


Jenelyn was born the second child and eldest daughter of Rickard Harrigon and Lorra Wendwater, and the sister of Marton, Harren and Braella. She would frequently find her way into the forges of Smithestone, only to be found by Ser Lannord

Season 6

Jenelyn celebrates her fifteenth birthday, and soon after she is married to Lucan Blackgard. This strengthens the alliance between House Harrigon and House Blackgard. While she is incredibly anxious, she quickly adjusts to life at Blackgard. She comments that her husband "needs a lot of work".

Jenelyn later has a letter sent to Smithestone telling her family that she is pregnant. Later that night, she tells Lucan. Jenelyn later gives birth to a son, which she and Lucan name Mercyl.

Jenelyn and Lucan are killed by the Blackwatch on the orders of Queen Cersei Lannister a short time after her crowning. She entrusted her infant son to that of Ser Rollan Hollard.


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