House Grayburn heraldry
House Crowley

Lady Jaeneth Grayburn, née Crowley, is a major character in the sixth season. She was previously a recurring character in the first, second, fourth, and fifth seasons. She is the wife of Lord Hendrick Grayburn and the mother of Carmine, Madelynne, and Ariana Grayburn. She is originally from House Crowley of Wolf's Crossing and is the daughter of the current lord of Wolf's Crossing, Lord Montrose Crowley. When her husband rides for the Borderlands during the conflict against Hersham Groatworth, Lady Jaeneth, in the absence of her husband, her son Carmine (the rightful heir), and the castellan (William Blackfell), has become the rightful ruler of Brightbank, and the leader of the faction loyal to House Grayburn.


Season 1

Season 2

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Season 6



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