"We don't negotiate terms, you fuck with us, and we'll fuck you 'til you bleed"
Ryden Spyre
House Spyre is a noble house from the Iron Islands. Their seat is Ravenholm, a castle located on the eponymous island of Spyral. The head of the house is the Lord of Spyral, to which Lord Ryden Spyre holds the title.

House Spyre's sigil is traditionally a red raven on a grey field. Their house motto is "Wealth of the Sea"



House Spyre is a vassal house that holds fealty to House Greyjoy of Pyke. They occupy the island of Spyral, a large island located west from Pyke.

The head of the house is Ryden Spyre, a loyal vassal of House Greyjoy and a famed captain. The Spyres fought for the Greyjoys during the infamous Greyjoy Rebellion. The Spyres suffered large casualties but remained intact, however.

The Spyres are considered to be one of the best sailors in the Seven Kingdoms. Instead of an ancestral weapon, the Spyres have kept an ancestral battleship named Red Lady. Simultaneously, the Spyres are also one of the richest houses in the Iron Islands, having enough wealth to supply the Greyjoys with a massive fleet of their own.



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