"We swear by day, we swear by night; we swear by land, we swear by sea; we swear by our gods, we swear by the shit ones too; threaten us once more, and learn why my ancestors forged our words."
―Magnar Freya Skagyr

House Skagyr of Skagnyrok is a vassal house that holds fealty to House Bolton of the Dreadfort. House Skagyr is the northern-most house of the North. They control the vast entirety of Skagos and its surrounding islands. The Skagyrs and their vassals are Skagosi, a distinct off-shoot of the First Men. The Skagyrs boast Stark, Bolton and Greyjoy ancestry, and are not shy of cannibalism due to Thenn ancestry.

House Skagyr's heraldry is a white bird and a blue bird extending their wings before a blue sun and a white sun on a white and blue field.



Season 6



  • Magnar {Heymdar Skagyr}, eldest son of Magnar {Baynar Skagyr}. Husband of Magnar {Reyna Bolton}. Previous Magnar of Skagnyrok and Magnar Paramount of Skagos. Killed during Robert's Rebellion.
    • Magnar Freya Skagyr, Magnar of Skagnyrok and Magnar Paramount of Skagos. Widow of Magnar {Thyr} of House Yvys, Magnar of Ydengard, killed during Robert's Rebellion. Greenseer.


  • Skag the Savage

Household and sworn men

Sworn to House Skagyr

Vassal Houses

  • House Edym
  • House Yvys

Vassals and allies

Military strength

Image gallery

Family tree

In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, there is no mention of House Skagyr, though Skagos is home to three noble houses:

  • House Magnar of Kinghouse
  • House Crowl of Deepdown
  • House Stane of Driftwood Hall

It is assumed that House Skagyr is based on the three houses of Skagos.

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