"The Ollington's have the blood of the Harrigons. They are kin. Too bad they settled in the Vale, all those centuries ago."
―Rickard Harrigon

House Ollington of the Ollshore is a noble house from the Vale, descended from House Harrigon. Their sigil is two sets of white trouts mirroring three combined white rings on a red field. Their words are "Approach with Care".


The house was originally meant to supply House Harrigon with criminals who would otherwise be sent to the Wall, but were denied by the Arryn's, though they do send some people from their lands to Smithestone to train as blacksmiths.

House Ollington claim descent from House Arryn and strangely House Greyjoy.

During the Dance of the Dragons, Lord Jon Ollington brough a force to fight against House Hightower, but were defeated and driven back to Ollshore.

House Ollington at the end of the third century


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