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House Krocholo is a small house in the The north. It is ruled by Hawjk Krochrolo and is well known and disrespected after the Delaee Case.


During the Rhue Disintegration War House Torvo destroyed most of the areas were House Rhue once ruled over.{TO-DO}

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House Krochrolo
Lord: Hawjk Krochrolo Heir: Duphell Krochrolo {{{image}}}
Seat: The Southern Sail Lands: The Southern Sail


Title(s): The Murderers
Ancestors:Tino Krochrolo
Current members:Hawjk KrochroloDuphell KrochroloEsil KrochroloMalinie KrochroloPosk Krochrolo (Possibly)
Deceased members:Posk Krochrolo (Possibly) • Gexle KrochroloVavila KrochroloMerem KrochroloRalush Krochrolo
Household:Bazh Rhue (Deceased) • Kilv SeretPolinir Fonte (Deceased) • Exo
Overlord:House Bolton