House Harrigon of Farcoast is a young noble house from the Stormlands. They are the only cadet branch of House Harrigon of Smithestone. It was created after House Carrant was extinguished by the combined efforts of House Harrigon and House Blackgard.

The lands were bestowed on Ser Borros Harrigon, the brother of Lord Jothos Harrigon.


The House was founded in 242 AL, a year after Lord Jothos Harrigon and Lord Trevyr Blackgard had wiped out House Carrant. The Harrigon's and the Blackgard's had disputed which house would receive it. Since Lord Trevyr had no sons yet, he allowed Lord Jothos to give the castle to his younger brother Borros, who had just returned from the Vale. This created House Harrigon of Farcoast.

The Harrigon's were able to restore the castle over a few years

Season 6

Lord Addam seeks out a new wife and is betrothed to Celesse Mercer, the daughter of Lord Eddin Mercer. They take a liking to each other very quickly and fall in love. With Lord Rickard choosing to rebel against the Iron Throne, it is decided that their wedding, among many others, will take place in the war camp.

House Harrigon of Farcoast at the end of the third century