House Droft of Kell is a noble house from the Stormlands. It's members are descended from both House Blackgard and House Harrigon. They used to be the Lord's of Drofton before becoming the Lords of Kell.


House Droft is seen as the heart of the alliance between Houses Blackgard and Harrigon. The founder of House Droft, Boremund Droft, was the fourth son of Lord Myrion Blackgard and Lady Roanne Harrigon. During that time, minor lands had been taken and pillaged by outlaws. Boremund, along with a small force defeated them. Instead of taking back the land that had been stolen, Lord Myrion decided to reward his son, enough land to help ally his house with House Harrigon. Boremund decided to build his castle on the same spot he defeated the outlaws on, naming it Drofton after the newly founded house.

House Droft lent aid to House Blackgard during the War of Conquest, with little effect. After the Fourth Border Wars, Lord Kyllan was given lordship of Kell by House Baratheon's decree, which belonged to the now extinct House Keller. Following this, House Droft's previous lands were given back to House Blackgard.

During Robert's Rebellion, they again fought for House Blackgard. Out of the rebellion Lord Kyllan was married to Lauryn Thorne.

House Droft at the end of the third century

Historical members

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