House Cordon is a noble house in the Crownlands. It rules over the coastal regions of the Crownlands. Their ancestral seat is the castle of Southwall. The Lords of Southwall traditionally hold the titles of Shield of the Coast and Warden of the Narrow Sea. Their current head of the house is Lord Willem Cordon, after his father, Ronnel Cordon, was killed in the Destruction of the Great Sept of Baelor.

House Cordon's sigil is a white eagle on a blue background. Their house motto is "Ever Vigilant".



  • Lord {Ronnel Cordon}, head of House Cordon, Shield of the Coast, Warden of the Narrow Sea, and Master of Laws for King Tommen I Baratheon. Killed in the Destruction of the Great Sept of Baelor.
    • {Katerena Mayer}, Lord Ronnel's wife, died in childbirth along with their child, who died as well
      • Niobe Cordon, Lord Ronnel's eldest trueborn daughter
      • Willem Cordon, head of House Cordon, Shield of the Coast, and Warden of the Narrow Sea
      • Ava Cordon, Lord Ronnel's youngest trueborn daughter
    • Diana Waters, Lord Ronnel's bastard daughter, paramour to Ser Ryon Allyrion and mother of Daemon Sand
    • Ser Caledon Waters, Lord Ronnel's bastard son with Wanda Stokeworth, castellan of Southwall

Historical Members

  • Lord {Daegon Cordon}, Lord Ronnel's father and husband of Rosamund Frey, died hawking (though it is suspected that his son had him murdered)
    • {Lady Erastes}, Lord Daegon's first wife, died in childbirth
    • {Rosamund Frey}, Lord Daegon's second wife, died in childbirth (though it is suspected that Lord Daegon had her murdered because of her escalating madness)

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