House Carrant of Farcoast was a noble house from the Stormlands. Following the destruction of House Keller, they were all destroyed.


House Carrant existed for centuries. Down the centuries the house became powerful, even trying to take over half of the Stormlands at one point, but were always defeated. During Aegon's landing, House Carrant gave up their ideal pursuits.

For the next two hundred years, House Carrant remained loyal bannermen to the Baratheons'. This was until Aedon Carrant became lord. He attacked several villages between Hornworth and Blackgard, and this caused both the Harrigon's and Blackgard's to deal with the matter once and for all. House Carrant had been allied with House Keller (Karden Carrant had, in fact, been one of Tylan Keller's good friends), and played a small part in helping them take over Blackgard.

House Carrant also played a role in the Sack of Dunharrow. In the aftermath of Dunharrow's sacking and after the execution of the Mercers, Dunharrow was given to Karden Carrant as a reward for his role in assisting the Kellers. Tylan had Jaedyn Mercer, the secondborn child of Lord Torrhen and Lady Katarina and the supposed last living member of House Mercer, forcibly married to Lord Karden so they could legally control the castle. Jaedyn was the Lady of Dunharrow in name only, whist nominal control of Dunharrow remained with Karden and his Keller masters. Had Jaedyn given Karden an heir, it would have lead to the formation of a cadet brace of House Carrant, House Carrant of Dunharrow.

The house was wiped out with by the combined forces of House Harrigon and House Blackgard. This left their castle, Farcoast without a lord to control it. Lord Jorthos Harrigon and Lord Trevyr Blackgard decided heavily on who would get it. Since the castle was closer to Harrigon lands, Lord Trevyr allowed the Harrigon's to claim it, beginning House Harrigon of Farcoast. Lord Trevyr asked to look after the castle until he had a daughter who could marry one of Jorthos' sons, but instead the castle was given to Jorthos' brother Borros.

House Carrant

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