"My great-aunt has proceeded to bury her head in the sand, waiting to claim what she believes is rightfully hers. Let her do as she pleases, I am House Blackgard"
―King Althurin I
House Blackgard of Sunhold is a newly formed cadet branch of House Blackgard of Ebonheart, founded shortly after the Black Day by Lady Sofina Blackgard, the great-aunt of House Blackgard's current head, King Althurin I. Sofina, the head of the house and the Lady of Sunhold, is a claimant to the Ebony Throne in the Seventh Border Wars.

Their seat is the fortress of Sunhold, which was formerly the summer palace and resort of House Blackgard. Following the events of the Ebonheart Massacre, several Borderlands houses, also known as the Borderlords, defected from the main branch and swore allegiance to Sofina instead.

The official words of the house are None Shall Pass, which they share with their overlords. The house is currently funded and supported by House Baerley, the Great House of Dorne. To showcase this alliance, the house adopted a golden sun on red black quartered with two crossed black swords on white as their sigil.

Military-wise, the house is backed by House Baerley, the Order of the Dragon, and the Zul Joriin, based in the Borderlands.