House Blackgard of Blackgard and House Harrigon of Gornworth are two great houses. Over two thousand years, both houses have become allies, joining their houses several times in both weddings and warfare.


Before the Massacre at Gornworth, House Harrigon was a smaller house, and had no relationship with House Blackgard. After Ser Orromus Harrigon had the Smithe's exiled and became the new lord of Gornworth and Warden of the Smithlands, Lord Arwynd arrived and congratulated the Harrigon's for getting rid of the Smithe's.

Arwynd Blackgard and Orromus Harrigon

When Lord Orromus decided to tear the first castle of Gornworth down, Lord Arwynd left a small army of men to protect the new lord while the new castle was under construction.

Dallon Blackgard and Barrion Harrigon

The first true allience between both houses happened when Lord Dallon Blackgard had his eldest son Myrion married Lord Barrion Harrigon's daughter Roanne.

Trevyr Blackgard and Jorthos Harrigon

By 240 BL, Trevyr Blackgard and Jorthos Harrigon became the lords of Blackgard and Gornworth respectively. As young men, they together extinguished the Kellers and the Carrants, ridding the Stormlands of two increasing threats. Through these acts, House Droft was given lordship of Kell and House Harrigon of the Coastfort was founded. They became life-long friends, attending many birthdays and celebrations together.

Years later, Jorthos' eldest granddaughter Jenelyn was married to Trevyr's second born son Lucan.

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