"We are many! For We are Legion! Grayburn's Legion!"
―The rallying cry of Grayburn's Legion.

Grayburn's Legion, also known as Grayburn's Raiders (also informally known as the Warriors / Soldiers of the Cross, a reference to the sigil of House Grayburn) is a militant force formed and lead by Carmine Grayburn, formed by several Northern minor noble houses and the remnants of Robb Stark's forces that survived The Red Wedding. Their sworn goal is to liberate the North from control of the Boltons / Lannisters and restore the House Stark to its former ruling status. With Bran and Rickon Stark believed to be dead and Arya Stark's whereabouts unknown, and Sansa Stark now on the run with the death of King Joffrey, their current goal is to locate Sansa and install her as Queen in the North.


Carmine Grayburn, a soldier in the service of Robb Stark's army, fought alongside The Young Wolf during the War of the Five Kings, for his family, House Grayburn of Brightbank, had long served as bannermen to House Stark, and supported Robb's declaration of being King in the North.

When Robb was betrayed by Walder Frey and Roose Bolton at the Red Wedding, Carmine managed to escape and return to Brightbank.

Notable members

Houses sworn to Grayburn's Legion