"Well, a few years ago, there was this fairly perverted lord who really kept pestering me. The entire North was celebrating King Robert's victory over the Greyjoys and there was a grand feast being held in the perverted lord's castle, but the lord kept staring at my cock all the time. So, after a while I got sick of it and decided to "seduce" his fourthborn son. His son also loved the company of young men so kidnapping him wasn't really that hard. The day before, I took some cooking lessons from Snake Mount's cook and I took little Garvy to the castle kitchen for a "surprise". That's when I roasted him, chopped him in little pieces and fed him to his family. And now, the lord isn't bothering me anymore."
―Lucius explaining his first kill.
Garvy is an unseen character in the fifth season. Garvy was Lucius Dragen's second and first confirmed victim. He was fed to his family as a form of revenge against Garvy's father. His full name might have been Garbald.