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Political Information:
Alias: Fyn (not his real name)
Rank: Pirate
Social Class: Unknown
Allegiance: Captain Rolequo
Biological Information:
Born: Mid to late 280s AC
Gender: Male
Culture: Dornishmen
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 93.7 lbs
Eye Color: Purple
Hair Color: Pale blond

Fyn is the youngest member of Rolequo's crew. He joined them at the very start of the story just before they departed from Oldtown. He is a major point of view character in the story, The Shadow of Valyria.

Appearance and Character

Fyn has pale blond hair that he dyes blue and green with Tyroshi dyes. His eyes are light purple (oft described as lilac) and his skin is fair. While he is rather tall for his age, he is also pretty skinny and has been described as having a feminine-looking face. He is a shy but warm-hearted boy.

While Fyn's purple eyes are an unusual physical trait for someone from Westeros, he rather adamantly believes that he is not related to the Targaryens at all.


Fyn was born in the Dorne region of Westeros sometime in the mid to late 280s AC. After an unknown period of time, he left his home to visit Tyrosh; in order to get there, Fyn hitched a ride on Captain Rolequo ship, Sunfyre. Though he didn't originally know Rolequo was a pirate, he did join Captain Rolequo's pirate crew soon after boarding Sunfyre. Thereafter, he took part in slaving operations, ship-to-ship battles, and coastal pillaging along with the rest of Rolequo's crew.

During the course of the The Shadow of Valyria, he revealed some tidbits about his prior history on Westeros to several characters, including Tristan, but he never told them the whole story.


Fyn's family is a mystery. He has stated that he originally came from Dorne, but he did not elaborate any further than that.

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