House Skagnar
House Skagnar
"They won't remember your face, they won't remember your name, they won't even remember the shit-stained rock you were born on...but they will remember what you fought for. "
―Magnar Freya Skagyr

Magnar Freya Skagyr is a major character in the seventh season. She initially appeared as a recurring character in the sixth season. She is portrayed by starring cast member Eva Green and debuts in "Home." Freya is the head of House Skagyr, the Magnar of Skagnyrok, Magnar Paramount of Skagos, and widow of Magnar Thyr Yvys. She is the youngest sister of three older brothers. She is the mother of Halyna and Heym by her husband, Thyr Yvys, and Reyna Snow by her romantic interest Brandon Stark. She is a dedicated wife and mother, a furiously loyal ally and an underestimated warrior by those of the mainland.



Freya Skagyr is the head of House Skagyr and Magnar Paramount of Skagos. House Skagyr rules Skagos and its surrounding isles from their seat of Skagnyrok, and Freya also holds the title of Magnar of Skagnyrok.

Freya is married to Magnar Thyr of House Yvys. They have two legitimate children: Halyna and Heym. Freya was close to both of her children and was well-loved and respected by both of them. She seemed to have a soft spot for her youngest son, Heym.

Freya is the only daughter of Magnar Heymdar Skagyr. Magnar Heymdar served Lord Rickard Stark as a loyal vassal. At different periods during Robert's Rebellion, Freya's three older brothers were Heymdar's heir. Freya is a stoic, dutiful and honourable woman and is considered to embody the values of Skagos.

As a child, Freya was fostered as a ward of Rickard Stark at Winterfell, and was Lyanna Stark's closest friend. During her time as a ward, Freya developed a romantic relationship with Brandon Stark. Rickard noticed this relationship, and deemed Freya unworthy of his first-born, immediately arranging a betrothal between his son and Lady Catelyn of House Tully. When Freya claimed to be with Brandon's child, Rickard sabotaged all of her meals with moon tea, killing her child in the womb. Months later, Freya gave birth to a stillborn, and suffered from grief.

Despite the tension between herself and his father, Freya is a trusted, close friend of Lord Eddard Stark. She supported Robert's play for the throne by acting as a warrior in several major battles.

Freya wields a dragonglass sword named Lady Mydnyght (an heirloom of House Skagyr) which she uses in battle and ceremonial occasions.

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Freya Skagyr is one of a few characters known to possess magical abilities.

  • Greensight - also simply called "The Sight", is the ability to receive prophetic visisons, starting off in the form of dreams.




Season Six appearances
The Red Woman Home Oathbreaker Book of the Stranger The Door
Blood of My Blood The Broken Man No One Battle of the Bastards The Winds of Winter

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Spoken by Freya
"We swear by day, we swear by night; we swear by land, we swear by sea; we swear by our gods, we swear by the shit ones too; threaten us once more, and learn why my ancestors forged our words."
―Magnar Freya Skagyr
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In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, there is no mention of Freya Skagyr, though her character is most comparable to Lady Barbrey Dustin.

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