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Francie Parish is the mother of Esmerie and Ellard Parish, wife of Lord Bryson Parish and former lover of Stannis Baratheon. Through him she become pregnant with her first child. Their romance transpired sometime around the beginning of King Robert's Rebellion and ended with the war. Shortly afterwards she met Lord Bryson and married him so that her unborn daughter wouldn't be labeled a bastard. Although she cares deeply for her husband, Francie still considers Stannis to be her one true love.

Early Life

Francie grew up in King's Landing in a privileged home. Her father was a very wealthy politician who had strong ties with the Lannisters. She was initially arranged to marry Jaime Lannister so that their Houses could form an alliance, but he became a knight of the King's Guard and therefore, could not be wedded.

Not too long after she came across Stannis Baratheon and the two fell very much in love with one another. They spent many days in the company of one another and grew somewhat depressed whenever they had to be apart. After months of being together, Stannis proposed the idea of marriage to her, which she happily accepted, though much to the disapproval of her father.

It is implied that she was also friendly with Robert and Renly Baratheon, both of whom were impressed and surprised that their bland, emotionless brother could have managed to snag such a good-looking girl. Often, Robert joked that Stannis had placed a spell upon her.

When Lyanna Stark was kidnapped by the Mad King, Stannis accompanied his brother Robert in rebelling against the throne. Sometime before the battle, Francie discovered that she was in the early stages of pregnancy. She waited patiently for her beloved to return, all the while, mapping out the life they would have as a family.

When the war was over and Robert emerged victorious, Francie was met with a great emotional upheaval when he informed her of Stannis' betrothal to another woman. Heartbroken, Francie departed from King's Landing sometime after Robert's coronation without bothering to inform Stannis that she was carrying his child. As far as she was concerned, he had died in the battle. However, as the years passed, she never fell out of love with him, but rather, despised him for leaving her for someone else.


Francie is described by many as being an extrodinarily beautiful woman. Even Jaime Lannister, who had interest for no woman but his sister, felt attracted to her and almost invited the prospect of being married to her. She has long, dark brown hair with a naturally soft and glossy texture, olive skin, and soft hazel eyes. As a teenager she was physically more mature than other girls her age, evoking their envy, most notably, Cersei Lannister.