The Forges of Smithestone are located beneath the castle of Smithestone, the seat of House Harrigon in the Stormlands. It is known as the biggest forge in the seven kingdoms, maybe even the entire world.

King Orromus Harrigon, the first king of the Forges, wanted his family and descendants to inherit wealth and power, so he began the construction of a small forge beneath his castle. As the years went by, Hostorren made it bigger. On his death bed, he told his son Corloss, and all of his bastard sons to carry on the construction of the forges. Lord Corloss, his son Devron, and Devron's son Serrond died before the forges could be completed. One hundred years after Hostorren's death, the forges were finally completed by Lord Durran Harrigon.

The forges houses hundreds of bastards, criminals, hired blacksmiths and orphaned children brought from King's Landing and other cities across the Seven Kingdoms. House Cavor, House Morst and House Honn are among the houses who reside within the forges.

Following the Stormmoot and House Harrigon's ascension to the ruling house of the Stormlands, Lord Rickard Harrigon opened the Smithe Gate, unearthing many of the weapons House Harrigon had built and kept hidden.

Inventions of House Harrigon

  • Valyrian Steel Armor
  • Metal Wings

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