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The Floxlake is a minor castle in the Reach, and the seat of House Orben. After Robert's rebellion, Lord Randyll Tarly became the overseer of the castle for over a decade until Alan Orben, the last remaining member of House Orben, came of age.


The Floxlake had another name before Aegon's Landing. During Aegon's Conquest of Westeros, the castle was pillaged and left baron. One of the new noble houses that came out of Aegon's conquest were the Orben's, who chose the castle, rebuilding it and naming it the Floxlake.

By the end of Robert's rebellion, the Floxlake had been plundered and partially destroyed. For 18 years, Lord Randyll Tarly had the castle rebuilt and guarded, planning to hand it over to his ward, Alan Orben once he was came of age. Alan became the new lord of the Floxlake after being knighted and marrying Marna Tarly, Lord Tarly's niece.

Known Lords

  • Ser Alan Orben, current knight of the Floxlake and the head of House Orben
  • Ser Pharus Orben, Knight of the Floxlake during Robert's rebellion

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